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The mission of CCI British Columbia is to provide exceptional education for Strata Councils to help build strong and healthy strata communities across BC.

All BC strata corporations, individual strata residents, and professionals and businesses/organizations who are committed to provide exceptional services to strata corporations are welcome to join CCI Vancouver.

CCI Celebrates 35 Years as the only National Condominium Organization in Canada!

With a Strata Corporation Membership, ALL the owners and council members in the strata can register for CCI Vancouver Strata Educational Seminars with a discounted rate.

The List of All the Benefits of Strata Corporation Membership and the Membership Rates

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Insurance Outlook for 2022

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Temporary speculation and vacancy tax (SVT) exemption - update

Temporary speculation and vacancy tax (SVT) exemption for property having rental restrictions phased out for 2022 tax year

What you need to know:

The temporary property with rental restrictions exemption for the SVT will phase out at the end of the 2021 declaration period. The exemption will not be available for the 2022 declaration period that will start January 2023.

New Regulations Permit Online Strata Meetings til December 31

New regulations regarding electronic strata meetings: see more.

BREAKING NEWS: Electronic Strata Meetings continued until July 10, 2021

A regulation under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act confirmed that strata corporations may continue to conduct remote meetings until July 10, 2021, regardless of when the state of emergency declared under the Emergency Program Act ends.

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