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What is the Canadian Condominium Institute?

The Canadian Condominium Institute is an independent, non-profit organization formed in 1982.

It is the only national association to serve as a clearing house and research centre on condominium issues and activities across the country. It assists its members in establishing and operating successful condominium corporations through education, information dissemination, publications, workshops and technical assistance.

CCI provides objective research for practitioners and government agencies regarding all aspects of condominium operations.

CCI does not represent any one profession or interest group. Rather, it represents all facets of the condominium community, encouraging all interest groups to work together toward one common goal, creating a successful and viable condominium community. The condominium community is growing at an astonishing rate, where now nearly a third of the home real estate market is condominium sales. It is in the best interest of both successful and struggling condominium corporations as well as industry professionals, to actively support the CCI, in its aim to improve the condominium image throughout Canada. This can be achieved through your membership and participation in the national institute and its chapters in most major Canadian cities.

CCI British Columbia

The BC Chapter of CCI was formed in September of 2002 as CCI Vancouver and in March 2022, to reflect our broader audience throughout all the communities and cities in British Columbia are changing our name to CCI British Columbia. Since then we have steadily grown to the point where we now have the critical mass of members, advertisers for our newsletters and committed board members to see the organization move to the next stage. Whether you are a condominium owner, a current or prospective council member, a strata corporation, or provider of products and/or services to condominium owners or strata corporations, CCI-Vancouver has much of value to offer you.

Conversely, we welcome your assistance and expertise on one of our committees.

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