Individual Strata Resident Membership


This classification is devoted to those individuals who live in a strata corporation that does not have CCI membership, but the individual wishes to become personally involved in CCI and have access to membership benefits. It is not a replacement for  Strata Corporation membership.

Individual Strata Resident Membership Benefits

You are a Strata Council Member

You are the elected decision-makers of your strata corporations. When your strata corporation joins CCI Vancouver, you will have the opportunity to register for and participate in educational seminars and courses designed to inform you of your duties and responsibilities as a strata council and understand how your strata council should operate and function. However, if your Strata Corporation is not a member and your Strata Council isn't interested in applying for the membership, you can still join as an Individual Strata Resident Member and benefit from the opportunities available to members.

You are a Strata Owner

CCI Vancouver Membership will enable you to keep informed and up to date on changes to government legislation. In addition, our newsletters, seminars and educational materials provide you with the knowledge and information you need to protect your investment and to live in more harmony with your fellow owners. If your Strata Corporation is already a member of CCI Vancouver or your Strata Council has made a decision to apply for your Strata Corporation Membership, you don't need to apply separately.

With Individual Strata Resident Membership you can:


Individual Strata Resident Membership Rate

Annual Membership Dues:  $25.00 |  July 1 to June 30


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