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CCI Vancouver Condo News is a quarterly strata newsletter publication with strata related articles and case law updates aimed at helping strata councils and strata corporations in BC learn how to be better equipped to perform their duties.

We have redesigned and reorganized our newsletter for Winter 2017 edition and the note below is applicable to all editions of our newsletter moving forward:

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List of the Issues of CCI Vancouver Condo News Publication

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Winter 2017 [Most Recent]

  • President’s Message
  • Civil Resolution Tribunal Updates
  • Legal Corner
    • Strata Case Law in BC
    • Condo Cases Across Canada 
  • From the Strata Experts
    • A Condition Check: The Benefits of Proactive Maintenance Unlicensed Vehicles On Common Property Of A Strata Corporation: Why Should Third Party Legal Liability Coverage Be Purchased? 
    • Why Do Misconceptions About Reserve Fund Planning Persist? 
    • LandlordBC Landlord Registry™ – What you need to know about being a Landlord in British Columbia 
    • Financial Literacy – The Annual Operating Budget 
  • Business Partner and Professional Members Directory 
  • Canadian Condominium Institute - Vancouver Chapter Services At A Glance

Fall 2016

  • President’s Message 
  • Welcome New Board Members
  • Benefits Of Using Software For Document Management In Strata Corporations
  • Civil Resolution Tribunal Early Intake Of Strata Property Disputes
  • Tips For Preparing For Your Claim Against The Your Nightmare Strata Neighbour
  • Earthquake Insurance: How Well Are You Protected?
  • Santos V. The Owners, Strata Plan Lms 1509, 2016 Bcsc 1775
  • Over And Out:when A Strata Lot Sells, Does A Tenancy End?
  • CCI Vancouver 2016 Strata of the Year
  • National News

Summer 2016

  • President's Message
  • Smoking & Strata Corporations - An Update
  • Can Strata Corporations Die?
  • Case Comments Summer 2016
  • Professional Members and Business Partners Members
  • CCI Vancouver 2016 - 2017 Seminar Schedule
  • Membership, Sponsorship and Advertising Information

Spring 2016

  • President's Message
  • Strata Coprorations and Human Rights in British Columbia - An Overview
  • The Anatomy of a Hearing
  • The Secret to Being the Best Council Member You Can Be? Think like a Hobbit!
  • Case Comment Spring 2016
  • Professional Members and Business Partners Members

Winter 2016

  • President's Message
  • A Helpful Guide to Responding to Bylaw Infraction Complaints
  • Preventative Maintenance: Property Walkthrough Checklists
  • A Free Resource to Help Improve Recycling
  • Case Law Update
  • CCI Vancouver 2015-2016 Seminar Schedule/Year at a Glance
  • Professional Members and Business Partner Members
  • Sponsorship Opportunities for CCI-Vancouver Chapter - National Spring Meetings (2016)
  • Membership and Advertising Information

Fall 2015

  • President's Message
  • Case Law Update
  • A Review of the Voting Threshold
  • Condominium Fraud
  • Directors Heed Your Duties or Beware!
  • Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) Update
  • CCI Vancouver 2015-2016 Seminar Schedule/Year at a Glance
  • Professional Members and Business Partner Members
  • Half Day Strata Educational Seminar and AGM
  • Information Bulletin -- Earthquake
  • Membership and Sponsorship Information

Spring 2015

  • President's Message
  • Case Law Update
  • Bylaw Enforcement Under the Strata Property Act
  • You're Not the Boss of Me: A Few Words about Council Member Liability
  • The Killer Among Us
  • CCI Vancouver 2015-2016 Seminar Schedule/Year at a Glance
  • Professional Members and Business Partner Members
  • Strata of the Year Contest and Nomination Form
  • Membership and Sponsorship Information

Winter 2015

  • President's Message
  • Case Law Update
  • Focus: Human Resources: Prequalifying Contractors
  • Depreciation Reports: Planning For The Future And Educating Owners
  • The Year At A Glance For 2015
  • The Way We Manage Our Waste Is Changing
  • Professional Members and Business Partner Members

Summer 2014

  • President’s Message
  • Case Law Update - Summer 2014
  • Major Legislative Changes Impacting Repairs & Best Practices
  • When is A Change Not A Change
  • Strata Living - The Importance Of Earthquake Insurance On Your Personal Insurance Policy
  • Insurance Policy Renewed? Who Knows?
  • Strata Educational Seminars At A Glance
  • Be a Drip: Protect Your Buildings

Spring 2014

  • President’s Message
  • Case Law Update - BEA V. The Owners, Strata Plan LMS2138, 2014 BCSC 826
  • Parranto V. Brummel, 2014 BCSC815
  • Limitation Act and Collection Procedures
  • Noise Complaint? Now What?
  • Liability for Resultant Damage/Repairs to Strata Lots
  • Strata Property Act/Regulation Recent Amendments
  • The Rules about Policies

Winter 2014

  • President’s Message
  • Case Law Update - The Owners, Strata Plan VR 390
  • Strata Conflicts - Crying Out for ADR
  • Asbestos – No Big Deal Right?
  • Breaking the Deadlock
  • The Belmont Poised to Become Template for Aging Residential Building Upgrades
  • CCI Trade Directory

Fall 2013

  • President’s Message
  • Case law update
  • Risk Management for Daunting Discoveries
  • Difficult People
  • Parking and Lockers
  • Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Home Warranty Insurance
  • What Can the CCI Vancouver Do For You?

Summer 2013

  • President’s Message
  • Case law update
  • Administrators in Strata Corporations
  • Children Playing – The Sound of Joy or Nuisance eh?
  • Earthquake Deductibles
  • Professional Services and Trade Directory
  • Rules of Order. What Rules?

Spring 2013

  • President’s Message
  • Case Law Update
  • Court Protects Disabled Man; Mental Handicap Cannot be Grounds to Disallow a Rental
  • Strata Alert: BCSC Confirms That Stratas are Not Required to Enforce the Bylaws in All Cases
  • Strata Alert: Council and Section Executive Elections
  • Voluntary Resolution Dispute in Strata Corporations

Winter 2013

  • President’s Message
  • Depreciation Reports and Collections
  • Case Comments
  • Strata Corporations and The New Limitation Act
  • Hoarding in Condominium
  • Professional Trade and Sponsor Members Directory

Fall 2012

  • President’s Message
  • Case Law Update
  • Knowledge is Power: The Rold of Education in Achieving a Peaceful Strata Community
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • The Role of Administrator
  • Strata Bullies

Summer 2012

  • President’s Message
  • Case Comments
  • Case Comment: McDaniel V. Strata Plan LMS 1657 - Metro One
  • Is Your Newly Developed Strata Insured For Its Replacement Cost?
  • CCI Leaders Forum 2012
  • The Importance Of Accurate Records
  • Email In The Strata Management Industry: Asset Or Pain In The...?

Spring 2012

  • President’s Message
  • Case Comments
  • What Strata Corporations Should Know About Obtaining & Maintaining Property Insurance
  • Recent Changes To The Strata Property Act & Regulations
  • The Strata Council As Asset Manager: Define Your Vision, Then Align Your Decisions
  • New Program Helps Seniors, People With Disabilities Modify Homes
  • The By-Product Of Replacing An Elevator Piston - Community Building

Winter 2012

  • President’s Message
  • Case Law Update
  • Occupancy Bylaws - Will they hold up in court?
  • All I want for Christmas is a Strata Property Tribunal
  • Dealing with Difficult People - A Local Example
  • How to Create Sections
  • CCI Vancouver Trade & Sponsor Members Directory

Fall 2011

  • President’s Message
  • Case Law Update
  • Legal Expenses Insurance Coverage Finally Available for Strata Corporations
  • User Fees Under the Strata Property Act
  • Special Projects - The Property Manager’s Involvement
  • Preparing for Winter to Avoid Emergencies
  • Disclosure - Telling What You Know

Summer 2011

  • President’s Message
  • CCI National Council Update
  • Case Law Update
  • Case Comment
  • Earthquake and Tsunami Insurance: Are You Ready?
  • Legislative Update
  • Alteration and Indemnity Agreements
  • Hoarders in Strata Corporations
  • Video Surveillance and Bylaw Enforcement

Spring 2011

  • President’s Message
  • Case Law Update
  • Smoking and the Strata Corporation
  • Filling the Strata Maintenance Gap
  • A Contingency Reserve Fund Study
  • Strata Claims
  • Don’t Panic

Winter 2011

  • President’s Message
  • Motivating the Unmotivated
  • Case Law Update
  • Strata Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Summer 2010

  • President’s Message
  • Are You Insured? Owners, Tenants and Occupants may not be
  • Nuisance - Roles, Duties
  • Nuisance and Strata Corporations
  • Carrying Out Repairs
  • How to Pay for Retrofits

Winter 2010

  • President’s Message
  • Enforcing Age Restriction Bylaws - What does “reside” mean?
  • Case Law Update
  • Amendments to the Strata Property Act
  • Information Bulletin Re Home Renovation Tax Credit

Winter 2009

  • President’s Message
  • Why Fall Protection Should be Important to You
  • Borrowing to Relieve Strata Corporation Tensions
  • Insurance Appraisals 101 for Strata Corporations
  • Case Law Update
  • Home Emergency Checklist
  • Home Renovation Tax Credit

Summer 2007

  • President’s Message
  • Insurance Claims - Who Pays The Deductible?
  • Super Priority Collection Power Against The Owner Developer
  • Up Coming CCI Vancouver Seminar and 2007 AGM
  • Case Law Update

Spring 2006

  • President’s Message
  • Buying a Condominium
  • Taking Control of your Strata’s Contingency Fund
  • Case Law Update
  • Depreciation Reports

Fall 2005

  • President's Message
  • A Day in the Life of
  • Case Law Updates
  • Building Envelope Failure / Real Estate Value
  • Recycled Tires & Your New Rubber Roof
  • Insurance Deductibles

Spring 2005

  • President's Message
  • Security Tips
  • Human Rights or Condominium Documentation - Which is paramount?
  • Allocation of Expenses
  • Case Law Update
  • Security Upgrade Solutions
  • Miscellaneous Updates

Winter 2005

  • A Guide to Insurance
  • Are you Tired of Special Levies
  • Condominium Case Law – The Latest
  • President’s Message
  • CCI Seminar Questionnaire, Advertising and Membership information

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