CCI Vancouver 2017 Strata Of The Year Award | Nominations Will Be Accepted Until July 31st!

Do you know well-managed stratas that deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their achievements? 

Help us recognize them and celebrate their success. It doesn't matter how small the achievements are as every effort for improvement does count. 

Let us share the stories of challenges and how these stratas could overcome them for inspiring other strata council members with the goal of betterment of our strata communities in BC. 

To nominate a strata corporation for this award, please fill out the nomination form for the following areas and email to by June 30th. 

Important Note: We have received requests for extending the deadline for submitting the nomination form for CCI Vancouver Strata of the Year Award this year and we listened. 
Please make sure to submit your nomination form by July 31, 2017.

A. Engagement of Owners and Communication

B. Education
C. Strata Community Building
D. Astute Financial Planning
E. Physical Property Management
F. Conservation
G. Overcoming Challenges
H. What is unique or outstanding about this Strata Community?



Download CCI Vancouver Strata of the Year Award Nomination Form

To be eligible for this contest have the strata council fill out the "Condominium Corporation Membership" category at the top of the first page of the Membership Application Form and return it to us at along with the completed nomination form.

Have you read about the last year's winner? If you have missed it, you can read it here:
Interview with LMS1816 Harbour House President, Ian Callaway

If selected, CCI Vancouver will:

  • Send a writer and photographer to interview the Council and Manager (if professionally managed) and will prepare an article for the Condo News magazine after the Chapter’s AGM in Fall.
  • Feature the strata on the CCI Vancouver website as well as in the e-Newsletter and throughout CCI Vancouver’s social media.
  • Award the strata complimentary CCI Vancouver membership and all council members complimentary attendance at CCI Vancouver seminars throughout the year.

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