CCI Vancouver at the BC Home & Garden Show

It was with much excitement that CCI Vancouver Chapter had its first public exposure to Metro Vancouver at the recent BC Home & Garden Show that took place between February 20th and February 24th. It was a perfect way to introduce CCI Vancouver to tens of thousands of beautiful Vancouverites.  Many interested parties came by our booth with questions, a desire to win one of three prizes in our draw and if nothing else to enjoy a chocolate! 

CCI Vancouver would like to thank all those who came by to check us out, some for moral support and others because they were curious as to who we are and what we represent.  Many, many visitors to our booth were introduced to CCI for the very first time and were pleased that there is a source of support and information that caters to the condo owners, to strata council members and strata managers who want to offer more to their clients.

We had prepared a short survey that was part of our prize ballot that had a list of information requests asking our visitors what they wanted to know about regarding condominiums.  The most popular topic was a request for general information on strata living indicating that many owners in condominiums are still very much seeking knowledge about this form of home ownership.  The next topic identified was legal advice which in itself is a hint that living within a community of condo owners has its own set of unique challenges.  There was also a great show of interest in the latest hot button ‘depreciation reports’ with comments such as “What to do? Vote it out? Accept it with wide open arms?  Questions abounded on this information point.  We had many strata council members come by with a flurry of questions indicating that those who have adopted a selfless position to help run their strata corporations as best as they can continue to require knowledge and education in order to carry out their responsibilities as best as they can.  Not to minimize our fine strata manager but lots of visitors were curious about self-managed strata councils and where they could go for assistance in dealing with their councils and the running of their strata corporations.  Of course no collective group of condominium owners could ever converge on the same place and not have questions about insurance, including why premiums are on the rise and how to deal with increasing deductibles. All in all it was a successful venture and we have a “new” contact list of well over 100 individuals who we will be targeting as new members.  That’s not to mention several dozen individuals who took away application forms and those visitors who won “free” memberships as part of our daily prize draws. 

Our next seminar which is scheduled for the 13th of April is going to be geared to handle many of these topics and in particular will look at many of these topics from a legal perspective.  All are encouraged and welcomed to attend and learn ways to make the best of condominium living.  We fully anticipate another sell out like the seminar held on February 16th and hope to see members and non-members alike on April 13th to share a morning of education.

CCI Vancouver would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who volunteered their time and resources to “man the booth”.  We could not have put together our booth, our power point presentation and spent countless hours over 4 and ½ days pitching CCI Vancouver without all of this help!

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