Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) Update!

Below is the list of Adjudicators recently appointed by the Chair of the Civil Resolution Tribunal to act as adjudicators in connection with disputes that fall within the jurisdiction of the Civil Resolution Tribunal when it becomes fully operational:

  1. Maureen C. Abraham
  2. Maureen Baird, Q.C.
  3. Wendy A. Baker, Q.C.
  4. Kathryn A. Berge, Q.C.
  5. Jamie Bleay
  6. Colleen Cattell, Q.C.
  7. Bonnie S. Elster
  8. Andrew Gay
  9. Julie K. Gibson
  10. Angus M. Gunn, Q.C.
  11. Richard Hoops Harrison
  12. Kamaljit K. Lehal
  13. Michael Litchfield
  14. Barry Long
  15. Elaine T. McCormack
  16. Andrew Pendray
  17. Patrick A. Williams
  18. Cora D. Wilson

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