Meet CCI Vancouver New Board Members for the Year of 2016 - 2017!

The Board of Directors and the Committee Members of the CCI Vancouver chapter consists of a dedicated group of professionals in the strata industry who are passionate and committed to make a stronger and more successful strata community in BC. All the Board and Committee Members at the CCI Vancouver Chapter are volunteers.

Alex Chang

Alex Chang - CCI Vancouver Board Member

Alex is a lawyer with Lesperance Mendes that specializes in advising strata corporations and owners in all manner of condo issues including construction deficiency claims, bylaw enforcement, repair disputes, collections, and tenancy issues. He has acted for strata corporations and owners at all levels of court in BC and publishes articles regularly on strata law matters.

Azadeh Nobakht

Azadeh Nobakht - CCI Vancouver Board Member

Azadeh is passionate about education and life-long learning, and enjoys applying her learnings along the way to make a positive impact on her life and her community. Having over a decade of experience in various disciplines of software and web development, Azadeh co-founded Power Strata Systems Inc. in North Vancouver, B.C. in 2011. This venture began for her when she observed over and over again that many strata communities, regardless of size or location, suffered from similar issues and had many common requirements that could be helped with software solutions.

Azadeh’s mission is to help build viable and effective strata communities, benefiting everyone involved, by providing strata councils and managers with the software management tools that enable them to effectively and efficiently administer and manage the day-to-day operations of strata corporations.

Azadeh previously served on the CCI Vancouver Board from Fall 2012 till Spring 2015 and also as a member of the Membership Committee and Co-chair of the Communication/Marketing Committee.

She has studied Entrepreneurship and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, as well as Associate Certificates in Web Application Software Development and Applied Web Development.

Ian Callaway

Ian Callaway - CCI Vancouver Board Member

Ian Callaway [MA, MEd, BCFE, RHU] has lived in a strata complex for 11 years and serves as its President and Privacy Officer. He takes a strategic management approach to Bylaws and the Strata Property Act and produces exceptionally detailed minutes to document the strata’s corporate history. Professionally, Ian is a leading authority on “issues” in Disability Insurance having multiple publications and also having spoken at every major international Disability Insurance forum, the National Institute of Accountants, and the Canadian Bar Association as well as serving as the Chairperson for the International Disability Insurance’s Research Training Council.

John Wallis

John Wallis - CCI Vancouver Board Member

John Wallis has been the Director of Clients Relations for Phoenix Restorations for the past 10 years. His 20 year career in the insurance claims industry is an asset to his role in assisting his clients in the Property Management industry as well as CCI Members.

Kelly McFadyen

Kelly McFadyen - CCI Vancouver Board Member

Kelly McFadyen is an Account Manager with CWB Maxium Financial. Kelly’s top priority is working closely with Strata Corporations and Property Managers to provide financing for major repair and maintenance projects. Kelly works in partnership with Western Canada Regional Manager, Paul McFadyen.

Sat Harwood

Sat Harwood - CCI Vancouver Board Member

Sat Harwood is a senior associate with Lesperance Mendes and has served as the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Canadian Bar Association – Construction Law Subsection. He regularly assists individuals, companies and strata corporations on legal issues arising from the construction, ownership, rental, use or regulation of property. Sat has appeared before the British Columbia Provincial Court and the British Columbia Supreme Court. His Litigation experience includes representing strata corporations in multi-million dollar “leaky condo” claims and other governance matters. Sat is also experienced in mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.

Tim Scoon

Tim Scoon - CCI Vancouver Board Member

Timothy Scoon manages sales and customer service for BC and Yukon for Suncorp Valuations. Tim has been in and around sales since 2004, and specializes in designing superior customer experiences. Suncorp Valuations has completed work on 4 continents over the past year, and has a 13 member (and growing) team in Vancouver dedicated to strata insurance valuations and depreciation reports.


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