President’s Message - September 2013

Much has happened with the CCI Vancouver Chapter since the last President’s message.  On October 26, 2013 CCI Vancouver held its last educational seminar for 2013 which was presented by Kevin Grasty of Hasall Associates.  Halsall has been a wonderful supporter of CCI Vancouver for many years and Kevin, who is an engineer, has routinely volunteered his time and services to present on a wide variety of topics involving building repairs and maintenance.  On October 26 Kevin spoke on the topic of depreciation reports, which are now mandatory in B.C. unless a strata corporation “opts” out and what having one means and what not having one can mean.  We had over 40 people in attendance who listened intently while Kevin went provided a detailed overview of the implementation actions required for the purpose of not only coming up with a depreciation report but obtaining a quality report that clearly identifies the relevant capital planning/repair/replacement requirements and the available funding models.  The feedback received from those in attendance confirmed that the topic was of critical importance to strata corporations, especially those with capital components reaching the end of their serviceable life.

Kevin’s presentation was immediately following by the 2013 CCI Vancouver annual general meeting.  We were able to report that membership numbers were up by approximately 15 % over last year although at the time of writing of this message our membership numbers are now up over 50% from last year!  At the AGM the following members were elected to the CCI Vancouver Board of Directors:

Jim Allison, Phil Dougan, Iris McEwen, Alexine Law, Paul Murcutt, Janice Pynn, Fern Barker, Paul MacFayden, Azadeh Nobakht, Gerry Fanaken, Jamie Bleay and Steve Page

This is the largest Board elected to date and we are excited about the collective energy and talent our Board members bring to the table. 

On November 21, 2013 we held our fifth and last lunch & learn with Jim Steve Page and Jim Allison speaking on the topic of asbestos in condominiums and who to do and not do when dealing with its removal.  Asbestos is known as the “hidden killer” and given the many questions asked by those in attendance the topic of asbestos will, if it is not already, become an ongoing topic for discussion at strata council meetings. 

CCI Vancouver is proud to announce that Paul Murcutt has been appointed as the CCI Vancouver representative to the CCI National Board while our very own Jim Allison, who seems to take on more responsibilities each year, was elected as a member at large to the CCI National executive on November 15th at the CCI National AGM in Toronto. Paul will be reporting to our chapter Board from time to time about National initiatives for our chapter while Jim will be busy working with the National executive to develop those initiatives and provide our chapter with the tools to implement those initiatives.

I would be remiss if I did not take the opportunity to welcome Janice, Fern and Gerry to our CCI Vancouver Chapter Board.  While many of you know that Gerry was the owner of Vancouver Condominium Services for approximately 30 years with a clear passion for professional strata management and education, he was also one of the founding members of CCI Vancouver.  Gerry has introduced many of us to his unique style of strata management and I think it is safe to say that his passion for all things “condominium” was sufficiently contagious that many of our chapter members and Board members alike are involved in CCI Vancouver because of Gerry.  We welcome Gerry back to CCI Vancouver now that he has “retired” and has more time on his hands!

Janice comes to us after spending more than 30 years in the management field in Ontario.  In July Janice became the President and CEO of Baywest Management. A dedicated educator, Janice developed numerous courses for the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario on topics ranging from Strata Council responsibilities to insurance, law and first year operations. A well-known condominium personality in Greater Toronto, Janice holds the designation of Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute and in November, 2003 she was acknowledged by her industry peers in receiving CCI’s highest honour, the FCCI designation, making her a Fellow of the Institute. She is the Past President of the Canadian Condominium Institute Toronto Chapter and Past President of the CCI National Board. We are happy and fortunate to have Janice join our team.

Fern Barker Fern is a seasoned professional having been involved in property management since 1983.  Fern was first introduced to community housing by living and volunteering in a co-op. Fern is a Regional Director at Baywest Management, bringing a strong skillset in accounting functions learned in the treasury department for the government of Alberta.  Fern has made her home in Vancouver for the past 23 years, serving the Vancouver and Whistler communities of Residential & Commercial Strata’s, Residential Rental, Commercial properties, Co-op and Non-Profit Housing, Societies Housing and the unique experience of resort stratas.  

Fern’s responsibility at Baywest is providing leadership and guidance to a team of professionals who specialize in providing service to strata communities in their infancy, starting up new buildings, sections, types and phases. This specialization of start-up service is unique to Baywest.

In the coming weeks the CCI Vancouver Board will put the finishing touches on its 2014 educational seminars, lunch & learns and any other initiatives the Board proposes to move forward with in 2014.  One of those initiatives will be to significantly increase our membership base while another will be to identify how to reach out to all our constituents and make the educational seminars accessible.  Please continue to check our website for more updates in the coming weeks.

Jamie Bleay – President of CCI Vancouver

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