Summer 2017 Edition of CCI Vancouver Condo News is Available Now!

CCI Vancouver Condo News is a quarterly newsletter publication with strata related articles, CRT and Strata case law updates aimed at helping strata councils in BC learn how to be better equipped to perform their duties.

Topics inside this issue:

  • President’s Message
    • Contributing To CCI Vancouver Chapter Condo News
  • Stratology 
    • The Strata Corporation
  • Civil Resolution Tribunal Updates
    • Betuzzi v. Strata Plan K350, 2017 CRTBC 6 Anonymity of Strata Complaints Can’t be Guaranteed
  • Legal Corner
    • ​​Strata Case Law in BC
      • Case Law 1 - A Requisition for a Special Owners Meeting Can Lead to a Defamation Case
      • Case Law 2 - The Owners, Strata Plan NW 1245 v Linden, 2017 BCSC 852 (CanLII)
  • Condo Cases Across Canada 
  • From the Strata Experts
    • Balconies: Energy-Efficient Backyards in the Sky
    • Missed a Seminar on Depreciation Reports? What You Likely Would Have Heard – and What You Need to Know
    • Water Damage Prevention
    • BC’S Wood-Framed Building Condo Crisis
  • Business Partner and Professional Members Directory 
  • CCI Vancouver Strata of the Year Award - Deadline for submitting nomination forms is extended until July 31, 2017
  • Condo 101 Course Registration for Fall 2017
  • Canadian Condominium Institute - Vancouver Chapter Services at a Glance

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CCI Vancouver accepts educational articles that are beneficial for strata councils across BC from Professional and Business Partner members of the chapter.

Strata council members can also share their challenges and successes to help and inspire other council members to problem solve and build strong strata communities.

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