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BC Laws

Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner for BC

The BC’s Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT), Canada’s First Online Tribunal

Strata Property Resources from Ministry of Energy and Mines | Office of Housing and Construction Standards

Strata Property Resources from Financial Institutions Commissions (FICOM)

Many sections of the Strata Property Act reference the Regulations, and each section of the Regulations will always reference the specific section of the Act that it relates to. You should therefore, consult both the Act and the Regulations to determine the complete requirements of the Act. For example, section 103 of the Strata Property Act relates to the preparation of a budget. Section 103 (3)(a) states that the budget and financial statement must contain the information required by the Regulations. Section 6.6 of the Regulations lists the information that the budget must contain. As a result, in order to prepare a budget as required under the Strata Property Act , it would be necessary to obtain and review the Regulations.

Resources from B.C. Goverment's Strata Housing Website

Building Maintenance Resources from Homeowner Protection Office (HPO)

Proper maintenance of the building envelope can help prevent damage and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Maintenance Matters is a series of bulletins and videos designed to provide practical information on the maintenance of the building envelope of multi-unit residential buildings including townhouses, low and high-rise residential buildings.

Anyone who lives in or looks after a multi-unit residential building should read these bulletins including residents/unit owners, strata councils, housing co-ops, maintenance managers, property managers or building owners.

Strata Resources from Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC)

The Strata Property Act (“SPA”), which is the legislation that governs the operation of a strata corporation, imposes numerous duties on a strata corporation, such as managing and repairing common property, presenting an annual budget and collecting strata fees, obtaining insurance, maintaining specific documents and records and enforcing the corporation’s bylaws. The SPA requires that the duties of the strata corporation be carried out by an elected strata council.

Knowing what duties to perform and how they should be performed can be a complicated and confusing task for many of the individual volunteers on a strata council. The duties require knowledge of financial and accounting principles, building maintenance, contract law, the SPA and other statutes.

Many strata corporations choose to contract with a company licensed to provide strata management services which can assist strata councils in fulfilling the duties of the strata corporation and to assist with complex legislative requirements.

It is important for strata councils to understand the role that a strata management company can play in assisting strata councils with their duties, the relationship between the strata management company and the strata corporation, and the significance of the contract entered into by the strata corporation for the provision of strata management services.

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