Strata Education

CCI Vancouver is committed to provide a friendly, supportive and educational-only environment for Strata Council members who attend the seminars to learn how to be better equipped to perform their duties. Therefore, the seminar rules and policies are applicable to everyone who is presented at the seminar including:

o    CCI Vancouver Board and Committee members

o    Speakers

o    Sponsors

o    Professional, Business Partner, Individual, and Strata Corporation members

o    Non-members

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You are not alone.  There are other strata council members out there who can relate to your challenges.

CondoSTRENGTH is a new program offered by CCI-Vancouver through which strata council members can draw on one another's wealth of knowledge, experience and support to build even better strata communities.  The program was originally developed by a condominium mediator from Ontario and has been met with very positive feedback in other CCI chapters. Now it is being offered right here in BC through CCI Vancouver!

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