CCI Vancouver Strata Educational Seminars’ Rules and Policies

1. The seminar rules and policies are applicable to everyone who is presented at the seminar including:

  • CCI Vancouver Board and Committee members
  • Speakers
  • Sponsors
  • Professional, Business Partner, Individual, and Strata Corporation members
  • Non-members

2. CCI Vancouver is committed to provide a friendly, supportive and educational-only environment for Strata Council members who attend the seminars to learn how to be better equipped to perform their duties. Sponsors are entitled to bring promotional materials to the seminars but are not to solicit new clients or use their sponsorship opportunities to promote their businesses to the seminar attendees before, during and after any strata educational seminar organized by CCI Vancouver.

3. The seminar presentation and other online materials created by CCI Vancouver remain the property of CCI Vancouver and reside only on CCI Vancouver website unless written permission is given by the board. Otherwise every individual, company or organization who would like to contribute in promoting strata education for council members is encouraged to share the seminar materials on their individual or company's website and social media only through a summary and then the web links to the related seminar pages or resources on Any material the individual or organization provides as part of the seminar presentation remains their property and they are free to distribute it or request, as a member of CCI, that it be posted to the CCI website.

4. Breaching the seminar rules and policies may result in removal of sponsorship opportunities or loss of membership and attendance at future seminars.


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