Condo 101 Course for Strata Council Members

"Condo 101" is an educational course CCI Vancouver has designed to help Strata Council members in BC learn how to be better equipped to perform their duties.

Taught by Strata Lawyers, this course provides information on the duties, obligations, and procedures that all strata council members or those who would like to join the council should know. Topics include legal elements of Stratas, discerning various responsibilities of Stratas, administration, finance, insurance, and procedures of Strata Corporation meetings.

  • Condo 101 is a FREE course available to the council members of Strata Corporations with active CCI Vancouver memberships.
  • Strata owners who would like to join their council in the future are also welcome to register for this course.
  • The registration fee for non-members is now $30.
  • Participants will receive a Condo 101 package including course materials, handouts and a certificate of completion.
  • If you are not a member, to be eligible for FREE registration for Condo 101 have your strata council fill out the "Condominium Corporation Membership" section on the first page of the Membership Application Form and return it to us at
  • To register for the upcoming course offering, fill out the form below and send it to us at or you can register online by clicking here.


Registration is now open for the 2017 session of Condo 101 on October 17th! 

The course is taught by three strata lawyers. 

CCI Vancouver Condo 101 Registration Form for 2017

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Sponsorship Opportunities are available to Business Partner Members for Condo 101 Sessions. To sponsor a Condo 101 session, please fill out the Condo 101 Sponsorship Form for 2017 and return to us at

If you are not yet a Business Partner member, to be eligible for sponsorship, please also fill out the "Business Partner Membership" section on the second page of the Membership Application Form and return it to us at

A Big Thank You to CCI Vancouver Condo 101 Course Sponsors in 2017!


Condo 101 Course - October 17, 2017 Sponsors:

CWB Maxium Financial








ServiceMaster Restore

HUB International Insurance Brokers

Cleveland Doan LLP

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